Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Utahhh Trip!

YES!! A trip back to my home town!! Truman was having a show at The Scera Shell with Diamond Rio....  So obviously I had to go! I was so excited, I missed everyone so much and it had only been a couple months!
Loving this plane ride! 

Drove right to the Nashville Tribute show from the airport! Such a great show, it was awesome to see these two boys on stage. Truman and the wives reunited!!! Can't wait for Catherine and Chad to move out to Nashville. It will be great to have more family out here with us.

Couldn't wait to see these guys! Cody and Josh were there too, but we weren't able to get pictures. Had some quality family time! It's unreal how much I miss my family. They are such a huge part of my life... so it's hard to live so far away. I'm grateful for the time we all got to spend together!

Got to see our Nashville buddies, Dew West and Jason Deere. Great to see them in Utah! 

Our first visit to sweet Ollie's headstone.... Pretty hard day....We still miss our little buddy everyday! 

 We wanted to do something that would remind us of Ollie, so we took a ride up the Alpine Loop. Ben and I had missed the mountains more that we thought! This picture doesn't do it justice how amazing the view was. I really miss not having mountains in Nashville.. I get so lost with out them. I don't know what's north or south! ha! Hopefully I'll get better with my sense of direction in Nashville.


Truman on stage opening up for Diamond Rio. They rocked the house! The crowd loved them!! I never get sick of listening to Truman play. They sound just as good live as they do on their cd! Such an awesome vibe at each show, I love it!

Ben finally getting to play golf at Riverside! What a great place to play!

Sunsets in Utah are unreal! It's always hard to get a good view of the sunsets in Nashville, they always seem to go behind a hill too fast.

This is my loving aunt Kayli. She passed away while I was in Utah. I was very lucky to be in Utah during this difficult time. My aunt was such a sweet women. She always thought about others before herself. She was the fun aunt who everyone wanted to be around! She had struggled with drug abuse for a number of years and it had a pretty good hold on her. During this, I learned that Life is too short. Express how much you love those around you! Don't hold grudges.. forgive and forget. Help them when they need you. Listen to them no matter when it is. Be their friend through thick and thin. I love my family and I am so grateful for the time I had with Kayli. She is in a better place with our sweet Ollie.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Music City!

It's already been 3 months since our move to Nashville. We have loved living here. Getting to know the best places to eat and hang out at has been so much fun! We were able to go see Diamond Rio play at the Grand Ole Opry, which is always an exciting night!

Just one of the many displays back stage! Sooo much history and life changing experiences have come from the Grand Ole Opry.

                                                                      Diamond Rio

Ben and I standing in from of Diamond Rio's Picture in the halls of the Grand Ole Opry!! So proud to see them up there and still making awesome music after this many years!!!

Being behind the stage is an unbelievable experience. We are able to hear what the band hears and see how the show runs from backstage. I loved having front row tickets to see the crowds reaction to Diamond Rio's unreal music!! 


Fried Oreo!! If oreo's weren't already fattening enough! One of the many food items southerners like to fry at the fair.... that night they also had fried pickles, snickers bar, and bananas. It actually was pretty tasty, but I felt like I needed to run a 5k after eating the whole thing. Southern cookin will do that to you!! 

Here is Ben attempting to hit some beer bottles with a baseball. He only got three chances and almost got it on the last try! It's always rigged at the county fairs. It was fun so see how fast Ben can throw... we actually measured later on in the night and Ben won a prize!!

Dinner with Wendee and Casey at Cheeburger Cheeburger. Some of the best fries and burgers! It looks like a cute little diner inside with pictures and cardboard people everywhere. Such a fun atmosphere there.

Us taking pictures with some of our new famous friends.

One of our many trips to Cracker Barrel or what I like to call...Crackle Barrel. For some reason that night just stuck with me, because that's what I thought everyone kept on saying.... Breakfast is our favorite and of course the biscuits and jam!! I'm Craving some biscuits and jam right now! No one believes me, but I really think the Cracker Barrel is better in the south than in Utah... just sayin.. 

Next on the list is Chuy's Mexican Restaurant. It's one of the best mexican food around Nashville. Great price and great flavor! This tres leches was too unbelievable. I savored every bite, but not too long or everyone else would have eaten it first.

Nashville has some awesome places to eat and fun places to see! The one thing I miss is Cafe Rio or Costa Vida. If I had my friends and family here along with Cafe Rio... I don't think I would ever leave. Come visit here! Its so much fun!!!

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