Thursday, October 11, 2012

Back to the Roots

Beech High School Reunion! 

Such a fun night with Ben. I was able to meet a lot of his friends from high school!

In high school these good looking fellows were know as the four horsemen: Jacob, Ben, Eastin, and Schuyler. The name came from their days on the Beech wrestling team and has stuck with them ever since!

Sami, Ben, Schuyler, Lauren
The gang hanging out at the game! Such a fun night with everyone! 

 Best picture! Really captured the moment! 

 At this cute little place, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, for a lunch date with my sweet mother-in-law Wendee and my sister Mckenzie... sorry Kenz you're not in the picture... ha! Such yummy food!! Can't wait for my family to try this place and for Catherine to come out here so we can all go together!

Another Beech High School game... it was against the rival Hendersonville! We dominated the game!! I was getting well educated on the sport during the game.... I know, I'm a bad wife for not knowing much about football... good thing Ben is willing to teach me!

A week of being at Beech! Watching my baby sister-in-law perform for show choir! This girl has such an amazing voice! She is very talented, blew me away!

This is a real fish! Look at that nose!! This looks like a human nose! I tried a million times to get a picture of this fish, it kept moving all around... finally got one where you could see the nose!!! Crazy!

Gym Time! I'm laying down...but at least I'm at the counts

I have been getting to know Ben's hometown a lot more this week, and it's really made me fall in love with this city!!

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