Monday, October 20, 2014

Harrison Daniel Truman

Our handsome boy is here! 
Harrison Daniel Truman
He is a dream. We are so in love. 

I can't even express the increased love I have for Ben. He was my rock through the whole thing! It was so nice having him by my side coaching me.  I am so lucky to have him in my life. He is already the best daddy. He is so gentle with Harrison. I love watching them interact with each other. 

I never thought I could love someone so much. I am lucky to have two handsome boys in my life. 

Thank you Citrus Co Photography for capturing this special moment! 

Kitchen Transformation

Well you can definitely say that we have been in "nesting" mode at our house. We are doing all kinds of touch ups to the house in order to get ready for the baby! It's been really fun preparing everything for his arrival. We really wanted to do something different with the cabinets because they were looking a little worn. Luckily we have the coolest landlords who let us paint the whole kitchen! We are extremely lucky to live where we do.

It was hard deciding what to do for the color, but we went with an off white. I am so happy with the way it turned out! It has really brighten up our whole kitchen.We wanted to add a splash of color so we painted the island a polaris blue. I think it gives the kitchen just what it needs!  It's unbelievable the difference a little paint can make. It was a long process, but it was totally worth it!

It's so funny, ever since the kitchen has been finished I won't let it get dirty at all. Right when Ben gets something out I put it away. Or if we have one dish in the sink, I wash it. It's a little ridiculous how clean I want the kitchen to be... but that could be because it took us a long time for it to be finished.



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