Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fam Bam!

My family came to visit this past week... it was so much fun to have my family finally see where I live and work! I loved being able to show someone around an area that weren't too familiar with.

My parents are so sweet! The first day my dad got here he fixed my brake pads and the serpentine belt ... and a lot of others things that I don't know the name of.... It was great to have someone that can fix tons of things on my car... instead of my paying a butt load of money for someone else to do the same thing! I have the best dad he is always thinking of others! And of course my mom is so sweet too! she brought me tons of ornaments and Christmas decorations because I had NOTHING! now its like Santa's workshop at my house!

We were able to visit some places Ben and I had never been too, which made that more fun for all of us! This is at the Opry Land Hotel in downtown Nashville! These pictures do not do it justice! It's huge in there... likes its little own world!

Two of the biggest trees I have ever seen! The first one is made up of only poinsettias. It was so beautiful! The second tree is so huge! I couldn't get the whole thing in the picture! It reminded me of when Buddy the elf sees that huge tree in New York... I had the same feeling!  

The trip wouldn't be complete without seeing the Parthenon!! My parents loved getting to see the area! We had such a good time exploring!!

We just couldn't resist taking this picture! We were downtown at Ben's office and this was in the hallway! This is my dads twin!! haha! I love my dads new look! It's pretty fun to see him with a beard... He looked so different!!

We were able to go downtown and visit some of the bars and listen to some classy music. We always go to this place called Robert's Western World! It's Such a fun place and they always play the best music on the whole street! It's always classic country (the old real sound).

All and all the trip was a success! I was sad to leave but knew I would see them soon from Christmas... so it wasn't as hard as it normally is! I just can't wait to hang out with them again... this time with the whole family! We need some more family and friends out here so hurry up and come!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

PLEASE Support!!

You need to visit this website >>>> Please click <<<<< This is my sisters blog! She is trying to raise awareness about the danger of washing machines! Please, please check it out and see how you can help support the cause. She needs everyone's help. Even if you just post this on your blog or on your facebook that would help so much! Thank for you being willing to help save lives! oxox

Sweet Little Ollie!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The big twenty-two!!

Birthday Time!! 22!
Wow what to say.... I'm now 22... weird... I still get comments once a day asking me what high school I go to. They are even more shocked when I say that I am not only not in high school, but that I am married! I love the reactions.. Hey at least when I am old I will still look young.. that is a plus. Let's hope it turns out that way.. watch one day I will just age 15 years! Well I am grateful where my life is at right now. I have the greatest husband and we happily live in Nashville, which is our new home! Home is where your husband is :) 

I have the sweetest husband. He does NOT cook much... or at all.... but he made this cake for me with no other help! That really meant a lot to have him go out of his way to make a beautiful cake! That made my birthday right there! I am so grateful to have such a thoughtful husband!

We were able to go to the lake before the sun set. It was the perfect timing to go.. the lake was beautiful and the sun just make the night seem perfect. You don't get to see the sunset much in Nashville.... If you do it's only for a second and then you go down a hill and it's gone. While we were at the lake we got to feed the birds.... they were like vultures more than birds and looked like velociraptors!! They were charging us to get our bread. I was screaming every time they got close and would throw the bread far so that they would stop charging. I was afraid they were going to peck on my legs or on my fingers! 

What do you think about these ear muffs?? Should I get them?? We were shopping a little before dinner! Luckily I didn't buy these....A little too big! After shopping we went to Chilies one of my favorite places!! I love chips and salsa almost more than I love sleeping. Then we went to our house to play games with our friends! What a great way to spend the day! Thanks for all the birthday wishes and fun times! love you all! oxox

Monday, November 26, 2012

How it's done in Nashville

Ben and his dad at their new office in Nashville!! It's awesome to have their own place downtown where they can write and play music!!

In the recording studio listening to the final cut of their music! This was my first time seeing what goes into creating one song! There are so many steps... I had no idea. I appreciate musicians and song writers so much more.
And this is how it's done. This is each part of the song (lyrics, guitar, bass... everything). It was awesome to see these engineers do their job...

                                               Downtown on a Saturday night.
 We love going to Roberts! 
 It's one of the best places to be... 
great food and great music all night!

To purchase Truman mucus go to iTunes and check out Truman!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Yummy Lime Salsa

Just made this amazing salsa! So easy and so delicious!

1 Tomatoes
1 Avocado
1 Onions
2-3 drops of Lime Oil
Pinch of Salt and Pepper

Dice tomatoes, avocado, onions into a small bowl. After mixing all the ingredients together add a pinch of salt and pepper. Then add 2-3 drops of Lime oil and mix. After this it's ready to serve at any party.

I love using the lime oil because I don't have to cut or squeeze any limes! I always hated that part...all I do is add a couple drops! love it!! Hope you will too!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Took me a while to get up these pictures! Happy Halloween! This is our finished product...Of course we did the Apple symbol because Ben loves Apple! Good family night at Wendee's

One of the things I found on Pinterest. It turned out really well! All I did was put water into a glove, then put a rubber band around it... then stuck it in the freezer. After it was all frozen I cut of the glove and it was ready to go! An easy way to make the punch spooky!

Another thing I found online. These were a little more time consuming... but not too bad. I just got some old bottles from Goodwill  (D.I.) and stuck a candle inside and let it melt. I had a good time making these.. Halloween decorations are fun to make!! I'm saving them for next year too!

Ben and I dressed up as characters from our favorite comedies! I was Amanda Bynes in She's the Man If you haven't seen it you'll love it! It was different acting like a guy.. but Ben seemed to like it.. jk.  Ben was "number 4" from Multiplicity  These show gets quoted all day at the Truman home. This was one of my favorite outfits and I know it was Ben's as well.

So during the party I leaned over to kiss Ben and he was a little freaked out... He couldn't get over the wig.... I guess I play a good man!

The gang at the party! Such a great night! We ate tons that night! We Played Body Body and Mafia. Some awesome games with a big group! Same thing next year.. just more game time! ( all our Utah friend are invited... so get flights now! )   :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Athens of the South

Ben and I were able to go exploring downtown! I had no idea this building was in the middle of Nashville. This is a full-scale replica of the Parthenon in Greece. Built in the late 1800's, it was first made of wood and was only supposed to be temporary, but the people loved it so much they decided to keep it. Later in the 1930's, they tore it down and rebuilt it out of stone. Today it is one of the most iconic buildings in Nashville and goes along with city's  nickname,  "Athens of the South".

We were so excited we got see the Parthenon... Felt like we were really in Greece.. If only.
So in this hall I made Ben race me and of course he won. We also played football around the outside.  Ben's trying to teach me a little more about throwing haha! I'm getting the hang of it. There is a great park surrounding the whole Parthenon, which makes it easy to play football.

Come visit and see a little piece of Greece for a lot cheaper price:) 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Back to the Roots

Beech High School Reunion! 

Such a fun night with Ben. I was able to meet a lot of his friends from high school!

In high school these good looking fellows were know as the four horsemen: Jacob, Ben, Eastin, and Schuyler. The name came from their days on the Beech wrestling team and has stuck with them ever since!

Sami, Ben, Schuyler, Lauren
The gang hanging out at the game! Such a fun night with everyone! 

 Best picture! Really captured the moment! 

 At this cute little place, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, for a lunch date with my sweet mother-in-law Wendee and my sister Mckenzie... sorry Kenz you're not in the picture... ha! Such yummy food!! Can't wait for my family to try this place and for Catherine to come out here so we can all go together!

Another Beech High School game... it was against the rival Hendersonville! We dominated the game!! I was getting well educated on the sport during the game.... I know, I'm a bad wife for not knowing much about football... good thing Ben is willing to teach me!

A week of being at Beech! Watching my baby sister-in-law perform for show choir! This girl has such an amazing voice! She is very talented, blew me away!

This is a real fish! Look at that nose!! This looks like a human nose! I tried a million times to get a picture of this fish, it kept moving all around... finally got one where you could see the nose!!! Crazy!

Gym Time! I'm laying down...but at least I'm at the counts

I have been getting to know Ben's hometown a lot more this week, and it's really made me fall in love with this city!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Utahhh Trip!

YES!! A trip back to my home town!! Truman was having a show at The Scera Shell with Diamond Rio....  So obviously I had to go! I was so excited, I missed everyone so much and it had only been a couple months!
Loving this plane ride! 

Drove right to the Nashville Tribute show from the airport! Such a great show, it was awesome to see these two boys on stage. Truman and the wives reunited!!! Can't wait for Catherine and Chad to move out to Nashville. It will be great to have more family out here with us.

Couldn't wait to see these guys! Cody and Josh were there too, but we weren't able to get pictures. Had some quality family time! It's unreal how much I miss my family. They are such a huge part of my life... so it's hard to live so far away. I'm grateful for the time we all got to spend together!

Got to see our Nashville buddies, Dew West and Jason Deere. Great to see them in Utah! 

Our first visit to sweet Ollie's headstone.... Pretty hard day....We still miss our little buddy everyday! 

 We wanted to do something that would remind us of Ollie, so we took a ride up the Alpine Loop. Ben and I had missed the mountains more that we thought! This picture doesn't do it justice how amazing the view was. I really miss not having mountains in Nashville.. I get so lost with out them. I don't know what's north or south! ha! Hopefully I'll get better with my sense of direction in Nashville.


Truman on stage opening up for Diamond Rio. They rocked the house! The crowd loved them!! I never get sick of listening to Truman play. They sound just as good live as they do on their cd! Such an awesome vibe at each show, I love it!

Ben finally getting to play golf at Riverside! What a great place to play!

Sunsets in Utah are unreal! It's always hard to get a good view of the sunsets in Nashville, they always seem to go behind a hill too fast.

This is my loving aunt Kayli. She passed away while I was in Utah. I was very lucky to be in Utah during this difficult time. My aunt was such a sweet women. She always thought about others before herself. She was the fun aunt who everyone wanted to be around! She had struggled with drug abuse for a number of years and it had a pretty good hold on her. During this, I learned that Life is too short. Express how much you love those around you! Don't hold grudges.. forgive and forget. Help them when they need you. Listen to them no matter when it is. Be their friend through thick and thin. I love my family and I am so grateful for the time I had with Kayli. She is in a better place with our sweet Ollie.
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