Thursday, November 29, 2012

The big twenty-two!!

Birthday Time!! 22!
Wow what to say.... I'm now 22... weird... I still get comments once a day asking me what high school I go to. They are even more shocked when I say that I am not only not in high school, but that I am married! I love the reactions.. Hey at least when I am old I will still look young.. that is a plus. Let's hope it turns out that way.. watch one day I will just age 15 years! Well I am grateful where my life is at right now. I have the greatest husband and we happily live in Nashville, which is our new home! Home is where your husband is :) 

I have the sweetest husband. He does NOT cook much... or at all.... but he made this cake for me with no other help! That really meant a lot to have him go out of his way to make a beautiful cake! That made my birthday right there! I am so grateful to have such a thoughtful husband!

We were able to go to the lake before the sun set. It was the perfect timing to go.. the lake was beautiful and the sun just make the night seem perfect. You don't get to see the sunset much in Nashville.... If you do it's only for a second and then you go down a hill and it's gone. While we were at the lake we got to feed the birds.... they were like vultures more than birds and looked like velociraptors!! They were charging us to get our bread. I was screaming every time they got close and would throw the bread far so that they would stop charging. I was afraid they were going to peck on my legs or on my fingers! 

What do you think about these ear muffs?? Should I get them?? We were shopping a little before dinner! Luckily I didn't buy these....A little too big! After shopping we went to Chilies one of my favorite places!! I love chips and salsa almost more than I love sleeping. Then we went to our house to play games with our friends! What a great way to spend the day! Thanks for all the birthday wishes and fun times! love you all! oxox


  1. lol love the ear muffs..muffy! cant wait to see you! xoxxo

  2. OH! Awh :) I love your comment, Home is where the husband is! so cute :) I'm proud of his cake! looks delicious! HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY!! ;) tehe


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