Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fam Bam!

My family came to visit this past week... it was so much fun to have my family finally see where I live and work! I loved being able to show someone around an area that weren't too familiar with.

My parents are so sweet! The first day my dad got here he fixed my brake pads and the serpentine belt ... and a lot of others things that I don't know the name of.... It was great to have someone that can fix tons of things on my car... instead of my paying a butt load of money for someone else to do the same thing! I have the best dad he is always thinking of others! And of course my mom is so sweet too! she brought me tons of ornaments and Christmas decorations because I had NOTHING! now its like Santa's workshop at my house!

We were able to visit some places Ben and I had never been too, which made that more fun for all of us! This is at the Opry Land Hotel in downtown Nashville! These pictures do not do it justice! It's huge in there... likes its little own world!

Two of the biggest trees I have ever seen! The first one is made up of only poinsettias. It was so beautiful! The second tree is so huge! I couldn't get the whole thing in the picture! It reminded me of when Buddy the elf sees that huge tree in New York... I had the same feeling!  

The trip wouldn't be complete without seeing the Parthenon!! My parents loved getting to see the area! We had such a good time exploring!!

We just couldn't resist taking this picture! We were downtown at Ben's office and this was in the hallway! This is my dads twin!! haha! I love my dads new look! It's pretty fun to see him with a beard... He looked so different!!

We were able to go downtown and visit some of the bars and listen to some classy music. We always go to this place called Robert's Western World! It's Such a fun place and they always play the best music on the whole street! It's always classic country (the old real sound).

All and all the trip was a success! I was sad to leave but knew I would see them soon from Christmas... so it wasn't as hard as it normally is! I just can't wait to hang out with them again... this time with the whole family! We need some more family and friends out here so hurry up and come!!


  1. We had the best tour guides. Thanks Ben & Sami! We love you & it was a very fun trip. we are coming again for sure! You have a beautiful, inviting, home. We can't wait to see you TOMORROW!!!

  2. Hahaha I lovveeeee is! Parents are the best :) looks like a lot of fun! Anddd those trees are huge!


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