Monday, January 7, 2013

Little Ollie Pop

I thought I would write a little about my sweet nephew Ollie Kai Hebb. He passed away this last March... He was such a good helper and was helping his sweet mommy put laundry into the washing machine.. they both left the room and what we think happened is, the little helper he is.. he went back to put in a missing sock.... and fell in. No one is to blame for what has happened because he is too lovely and too pure to live on this earth and needed to go back to his heavenly  home. He was such a great example to us all.. I look up to him for all he has done for my family. I really wanted to write this about him so that I could remember certain things about he use to do, also because my mom was making a book of all the memories of Ollie! Please check out my sisters blog and see how you can help save a life! She is trying to raise awareness about the danger of washing machines.. so please click here and go support her efforts!! 

 The first thing I think of about Ollie is his chubby little hands. He was just getting rid of his baby fat, but his hands still had a little chunk on them. I loved the way he would talk and say full on sentences in his own language. We would ask him to tell us a story and he would "say" a whole story to us. He would talk about hitting his head and he would point to his head! He is such a smart little boy. He would tell me he wanted to go outside and play by pointing to the door and then pointing outside. I loved his little language. I bet a couple more days and he would have been talking so much! I loved his hair too. It was thin and very soft. I loved just touching his head and feeling his hair. It laid flat on his head and was really straight. It was starting to get so long! I bet it would have been as long as his daddy's! Ollie was also so good at dancing. I remember Face-timing with him and he would dance and dance. His daddy would play the bongo drum really fast and Ollie would dance as fast as he could. He moved his little legs so quickly and moved his arms in the funniest positions. I would beg and beg him to dance for me... he usually only did it when his mommy and daddy would tell him to. One thing I think is amazing is how fast he was potty trained! He was so young yet acted so much like a big boy. I remember several times he would say "uhoh uhoh!" which always meant he was about to go poop or pee or he already had. I am amazed at Ollie's mommy and daddy for teaching him to be potty trained at such a young age. One of my favorite memories of Ollie is rocking him to sleep when he would come to my parents house. I have my own personal story with this... I would rock him to sleep and hum and hum songs ( like his mommy and daddy always did) He would hum with me and play with my finger just to make sure I was still there or something :) So after I would hum and rock back and forth I would lay him down in the crib or on the bed and as soon as my arms were out from under him... he would wake up! I would pick him back up and do it all over again... this time my back and legs hurting a little more. I would try it over and over and it was the same result every time. After doing this three or four time I would have to go get Ollie's mommy... and of course she would do it within a couple minutes. She just had the special touch! I think there was only one time that I actually got him to sleep on my own. I am grateful for that, because if he would have gone to sleep fast I wouldn't have been able to rock and hold him as long as I did each time. Those moments are really precious to me and I will always remember them. Ollie will always have a special place in my heart. He was loved by all he came in contact with. No matter who it was he made them his friend. He was such a good example of how we need to act towards others. We need to be as sweet and pure as little Ollie!


I asked Ben to share his thoughts and memories of Ollie:
"The most treasured moment I had with little Ollie was also one of the last moments I got to share with him. Because everyone loved Ollie so much- and because he was just so fun to be with- most of the time the entire family would be gathered around to hang with him. But the day before Tiffany and Ollie would return to Portland, Ollie and I got to play outside in the backyard... just the two of us. For two precious hours, we ran around chasing and kicking balls all over the yard. He was non-stop. No matter how high or far I threw it, Ollie would hustle as fast as he could towards that ball. It was such a great time. I would bounce the ball against the ground as hard as I could, and he would just laugh the whole time as he watched it fly high into the air above his head. It was the purest, sweetest, most beautiful laugh. I'm just so thankful for those amazing last moments I got to share with our little buddy. I can't wait to play catch with him again someday." -Ben

I am so grateful that my husband was able to meet sweet little Ollie and get to know him! We will never forget the memories we have had with him! We will always have a little angel watching over us! 

Ollie's baby sister! He made sure she was always the little ray of sunshine! She smiles and smiles all the time.


  1. oh sami! this is beautifully written! you made me tear up! Your family is so sweet! Ollie is up there taking care of your family :) Your family is so strong! I love you all!

  2. Samanthat! Love what you shared about Ollie. And I love Bens story too. Love you both. xoxo


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