Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas in Utah!

Christmas in Utah!! We are so excited!!

Utah!! Yahh! Loved seeing my parents house and the pretty christmas tree!

Glad to see this little guy and all the snow!! Crazy we had nothing close to this in Nashville!!

 Ben and I were especially excited to see his little one!! She is getting so big! Love her so much

 Uncle Ben is so sweet! He loved singing to Poppy and she would just sit and stare at him... she loved it

Christmas tradition!! We always have crepes Christmas morning... one of our families favorite thing!!! I could really use some right now!

 For Christmas we all got NERF GUNS!! It was the best gift! We had a huge war with everyone in the basement. I never laughed harder. I am lucky to have a family who still likes to play and mess around.... can't wait to see how it will be when we all start having our own kids... even more wild haha!

Family Photo!! We seem to never be able to get a family photo.. this one turned out pretty good though!!

 So we went to dinner right after seeing Les Mis... We were still in the Les Mis mood so we all sang our orders to the waiter!! This is a typical day for our family! It was one of the funniest things I have ever heard/seen! One of the best moments of the trip!!

 Sad day.... We went to visit Ollie's headstone Christmas eve... We lit candles and put them around the headstone. We all sang Silent Night and it was bitter sweet. We all thought of Ollie's name when they say "all it bright" We all said Ollie's bright. I had never heard the song that way... but now I will never forget that! The picture on the right is on Christmas eve as well. Tiffany and Christopher made all of us shirts with Ollie's face of them! It is such a precious gift!

Sledding was a blast! Such a great hill and fun group of people!!

Nashville Tribute Band at the Tabernacle! Truman was able to play that night as well as play with NTB! Such a great show!! Loved seeing these boys!!

Last but not least!! Costa Vida of course! A Trip to Utah wouldn't be complete with out a stop at this place!! Unreal food! I hope it comes to Nashville one day!

All and all this trip was amazing! I didn't want to leave, but I was glad I got to spend time with my family!! I am so grateful for them and for the times we shared! oxox


  1. Wow Sami! You captured the holidays so good. These are great pictures. Thank you so much. It was an amazing time filled with family, food, tender memories, & fun times. kisses

  2. Awwh Christmas is the best with family!! Haha I'm going to sing my next order to my waiter!! Hilarious!!!

  3. Oh great! I loved your pictures. Can you send me the headstone ones. I didn't get any. I was too mad. Loved seeing you. Miss you. Love that picture of Ben singing to Pops!

  4. Thanks for sharing... love seeing your cute fun family...that's what its all about <3


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