Monday, February 4, 2013

Hair Cut/Colored??

I have been debating... Should I get my hair cut (not short... just more bangs and a little shorter) Or should I keep growing out my bangs and keep it the length it is?? I just can't decide what to do!?!?

Also should I get blonde highlights... or go dark! Ben is really curious to see what my hair would look like dark.. but I'm kinda nervous.. Plus it's hard to keep up and grows out so fast! 
If I got blonde, I could let it grow out and be a melt or something. I need HELP!

 Or should I go full blown and go short and dark
What Should I do????


  1. Coloring your hair is never permanent! So go big or go home! Try a couple of dark chunks. If you like it, do more dark. Or less if you don't. ;)

  2. Blonde with maybe some dark highlights or fade it. I was blonde most of my life & went dark, & I miss the blonde a lot of the time. your hair is beautiful. maybe cut some bangs?

  3. dont do can never go back to your original color once dark, until it all grows out. your hair is beautiful. just some dark highlights maybe or cut your hair...try shorter and bangs, I dont know. your just cute.xoxo

  4. Blonde and long! It's the "Sami!" :)


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