Saturday, February 9, 2013

Newlywed game

I was having a hard time finding Newlywed questions to play at home with our friends.... so here are some question I liked!

35 Newlywed Questions:

1.     If your spouse had $5000 to spend, which would be her favorite store?
2.     What is your spouse's favorite comfort food?
3.     Where did you go on your first date?
4.    What will your spouse say is their favorite physical feature about you?
5. If your spouse could choose one thing of yours to get rid of what would it be?
6.     Who hogs the bed covers?
7.    Which way do you turn your head when you kiss?  
8.     What is the last movie you watched in a movie theater together? 
9.   What would your spouse say is their worst physical feature?
10.   What would your spouse say is the most annoying thing you do to them that you enjoy?
11.   What is your spouse's favorite book/magazine
 12.   What is a quirk your spouse has?
13.   What body part is the most attractive on your spouse?
14.     What does your spouse think is your most attractive body part?
15.   What is your spouse's favorite movie?
 16.    What calms your spouse down?
17.   Who is better at handleing money?
18.    If your spouse was a cartoon charter who would they be?
19.   Who is the safer driver?    
20.     If you had to describe your spouse with one word what would it be?
21.   Who is the better cook in the kitchen?
 22.      What side of the bed does your spouse sleep on?
23.      Who usually gets their way with things?
24.   What is your spouse's dream job? 
25.   What percentage of the house work would your spouse say they do?
26. How many kids do you want to have one day?
27.  If your house was on fire what are three things your spouse would save? 
28.   How pairs of shoes does your spouse own?
29.   How old was your spouse when they got their first kiss ?
 30.   What is one place your spouse wants to visit?
31.   If your spouse was a charter from the sitcom 'Friends' who would they be? 
32.  What is your spouse's greatest fear?
33.    Who decided on the wedding song for the first dance?
 34.   What is something you fight about often?
35.    Which one of your wife's friends would look best in a bikini?     



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