Monday, April 8, 2013

Bell Bottoms

Bell Bottoms are coming back! 
It's crazy to think about... but they are starting to grow on me....
 I did the same thing with skinny jeans I said I wouldn't wear them... and now I don't have any other jeans...I can see it now skinny jeans out and bell bottoms in....

I would seriously love to have a pair of these! 

Find these here at Free People

Find at Nordstrom here

Similar Here

What do you think... Love or Hate the Bell Bottom look??


  1. Love the bell bottom look, hate when they cover shoes completely. Looks a little like what raver kids wear when they dance like indians.

  2. Love them. I like the first picture...I just barely got a pair of skinny jeans...I am not up on the trends. Thats why I dont't follow the styles because its too expensive. lol.. I guess I will have to buy some bell bottoms now. Love you


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