Monday, April 22, 2013

Mammoth Cave

Ben and I have been trying to be more adventurous with our we started looking up the sights to see in Tennessee...Hey that rhymes! We found a ton of things, but we wanted to do something big... After thinking for a while..Ben remembered he had been to Mammoth Cave as kid, so we thought it would be fun to go since it was close (Hour and a half away in Kentucky... not bad). It had been forever since Ben went... and I have never been to Kentucky! Wahoooo! I was excited to check off another state from my list of places I've been.

Our adventure started off great! The drive there was relaxing and beautiful! The weather wasn't too humid or too cold... there was just a little breeze, which made it perfect!

We got there early to take in the nice weather and make sure we weren't late for our tour. We took the the most common tour, but there is about 10 different Tours to take... which we are planning on doing all of them eventually! Either with family and friends that come to visit or with our own kids.. I'm sure a bit of both. 


This is inside the cave! Ben and I were having a blast going through "fat mans misery" and "tall mans agony" Which was a section of the tour where you had to squeeze your way through a path or duck down since the space wasn't very tall. Ben and I felt like real explorers!

This was a great way to be adventurous for the weekend! We would recommend this tour to anyone and we will be going back real soon!! ♥ What's you favorite place to go in the south?? Maybe Ben and I will take a trip there!


  1. Looks fun. Glad youre getting out more.. xox see you sunday!!!

  2. OK~~~That's where we're going when we come visit! On a new tour.


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