Saturday, September 21, 2013

Home Sweet Home!

I am so happy to be home!! I forgot how much I missed my house! It was a long road being away in Utah.
We are so lucky to live in this awesome basement! It is such a nice place! There is a lot of space and it feels like home. We have two bedrooms... for all of our friends who would like to come visit.. we have a bed made just for you!!! 

This is our wedding wall! Just finished putting up the pictures.. took a while, but I am just happy it's done! Ben was awesome at positioning the pictures so they were just right.

Our cute little bed! I love our light blue sheets and the gray bedspread! I am so happy to have my own bed back!!  

I had a great time in Utah! It was so nice being with my family for four months.... but I'm glad to be back.... Home Sweet Home!! 
P.s. I'M GRADUATED!!! It's official, I got my diploma!!!! 


  1. that's your house? unreal. cutest and BIGGEST newleywed house.

    1. We actually live in the basement. I wish the whole thing was mine!


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