Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Out West

What a great trip to Utah! So many events... we are so blessed we were able to make it to everything!
Wedding, H2O Run, and BYU Games, and Family time! 

Sweet little thing was the flower girl at the wedding!! 

 I love this picture of Ben and Poppy! Loves her uncle

This run was a special one to me. It was for my nephew Ollie, who drowned in water. It was also for all those who have lost a loved one... they could run in their memory. I did this for Ollie and he helped me get through the run! I am so grateful for family and the chance we have to see our family again! 

The family at the race! What a great day! Ollie would have loved it. There was a fire truck spraying down the runners as they crossed the line. There was music, prizes, and food! 

He looks good when he runs!!
The ballon arch we at the finish line! We both did really well... 5k... 27 minutes. Not to bad for our first run. We are doing this run next year so hopefully by then we can do a lot better time!! 

Kissy Face

Go Cougars!! I was a total fan and went to the game ( early) and right before the game started a miroburst came right to us. It started raining to hard! I was worn out and wet... so I went home. I should have stayed because it was one of the best games... oh well, at least Ben got to see the game :) 

Gina, Kelsey and Me and the Due West concert

We are so lucky to spend time with all our family members! I am so blessed to able to spend time with those I love!


  1. Eventful weekend! Codi and his wife are so cute! 27 minutes is a great time! good job!


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