Friday, November 8, 2013

Successful Halloween

Happy Halloween! It's a little late but I wanted to make sure and post. This year we decided to be a Valet and a Ladies Maid from "Downton Abbey" Obviously we love that show. It seems to be a theme with us to always do characters from our favorite TV shows.

Ben's costume was a hit this year! Everyone loved it and he played the part really well!  He had the perfect mustache and smile for it:) This costume was so easy to do. All we had to get was a bow tie which was made out of ribbon by my sweet mom. Then, just purchased some white gloves. The suit was Ben's and he just pulled up the collar to make it look like theirs in the movie.

Lucky enough my mom had this costume that I was able to borrow :)

Chad and Catherine dressed up as their favorite charters from "Parks and Recreation" Chad was Ron Swanson and Catherine was Leslie Nope! They did such a great job and played the part the whole night. I loved their costume idea!!

Rhonda and Scott dressed up as "Mr. Clean and Mrs. Dirty" Such a clever costume. I was dying over how much Scott looked like Mr. Clean! 

We had an eventful night, we went to the blowing and played laser tag! Can't wait for next years party! Thanks guys.

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