Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas in the Sun

This year was a Truman year. We were able to go to California and spend some quality time with The Trumans. It was so warm it was unbelievable! Christmas day we were living it up on the beach... Pretty weird Christmas... with no snow but I'll take nice and sunny any day!!

One of the best shots from Christmas. We got her a dog! A fake one of course! With a caring case that had her name on it. She was pretty excited as you can tell. It was so fun! Can't wait for have our own kids and watch them at Christmas! 

Yahh for Christmas! Billy Joel here we come! 

A day at the beach just would't be the same with out some quality football!

Love this picture of Ben teaching all the little T's a good route to take for a touchdown.

Second Half of Christmas 

Our christmas wasn't over after California! We were able to go to Utah and see our family and friend! I love our visits to Utah. We are very blessed to be able to travel to Utah as often as we do.

What a nice day for shooting stuff :) I tired to shoot a shotgun.... didn't go so well. Right when I pulled the trigger my arm about came off. It killed so bad! I wanted to cry... but everyone made me do it one more time... I still wasn't able to hit anything but at least I have some battle wounds to show off how good I am at shooting haha! 

This holiday season was wonderful! I am so grateful for the true meaning of Christmas. Sometimes it gets pushed on the back burner but it never should. The birth of the savior is the most important thing to celebrate during this season. I need to try harder to incorporate Christ not only at Christmas but throughout the whole year! 

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  1. miss your posts!!!! come back, I nominated you to for a liebster award, a fun way to find blogs and for others to find yours!


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