Sunday, July 13, 2014


Well... It's been a long time since I have posted! Lots of things have changed since then.

We are now expecting our FIRST!!  

The picture on the left is how Ben really felt when we found out we were pregnant... he was a little shocked! We found out on Christmas Day. That was the best gift Ben and I could have received. We are so excited to meet this little boy. I know he is going to look just like his Dad.... Or ME haha! I can't even picture what his little face will look like. It's going to be the best thing ever! 
I have loved taking my little buddy everywhere with me. What I love most is, seeing Ben talk to my belly and waiting for that little kick. Lately, he has been moving so much that you can see one side of my belly pop out and then the other side immediately after. It looks like a wave pool. It's so exciting to watch but is a little shocking. Every time we see him move we have to process that there is a little human in there. It's just amazing! 

We are still deciding on a name... We have narrowed it down some but, we are still unsure. Hopefully by the time we leave the hospital we will have a name. 

This is the moment I thought I was showing.... little did I know I would be pretty large. 

Gotta get all the traveling in before this little one comes. We are going to be on lock down for a couple months when he gets here.  (5 Months) 

I thought it was so special to be able to graduate and have my buddy with me the whole time.  The cool thing about this is, when Wendee ( Ben's Mom) was graduating she was also pregnant with Ben. What a special thing for Ben and his son to share together. (6 months) 

6 and a half months

7 Months 

Can't help but stuff my face any chance I get! 
Luckily I had this before I found out I have Gestational Diabetes. This delicious Chocolatey Strawberry S'more is definitely not on my diet anymore. Good thing they don't have these in Nashville... I would have a hard time resisting the urge to have one. 
I thought it would be pretty bad to having GD but besides pricking my finger 4 times a day, its not too difficult. It's probably a good thing I have GD because during this pregnancy I have been craving sweets. I normally would choose chips and salty treats but this little boy wants sugar. 

I didn't think being pregnant would stop me from doing anything... I was wrong. I thought it would be a good idea for me to play kick ball. I was just going to be the all time pitcher and not run the bases. In my mind I was thinking this would be fine to do pregnant..... 

Next thing I know, I'm knocked down crying on the grass. I had been hit directly in the head with the flying kick ball. This kick didn't come from just anyone. It was from an experienced athlete who had a lot of muscle to use. Honestly, I'm so thankful it was my head and not my belly. That would have been really scary for the little one. I'll totally have some fun stories to tell my son when he gets here. 

Saying goodbye to my sweet mama! The next time I see her I will be in labor.... which is kind of a scary/exciting thought. I am lucky that Ben and her will be there to coach me through everything. 

Ben practicing to be a DAD! These little ones love him. He is going to be such a great Dad. He is so good at playing with kids and making them laugh. It's a good thing he loves to play because I'm not very good at playing with kids... Hopefully when I have my own kids I'll be better at that. 

Ahh I can't wait for this baby boy to be decked out in BYU gear. Ben told me that he wants to match what his son wears. It was so fun to hear him say that. They are going to be little twins in their BYU outfits. It's definitely starting to feel more real. Just a couple more months till we get to meet this precious baby boy! 

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