Friday, October 18, 2013

Baseball Stadiums

Ben and I made a new goal to visit all the baseball stadiums in the United States. This is my way of going on a trip to a new city! We are both happy this way :) 

I really love watching baseball... NOT on tv though. The atmosphere at the game is unreal and the food is always yummy!  So our plan is to choose a new stadium every year, accept this year we got to go to a couple more... and I won't complain about that. We were able to travel to California and Georgia.

Our next goal is either New York, Washington DC, Or  San Francisco... Which one should we go to??


  1. Washington DC, I'm thinking of taking my mom & dad there.

  2. GO DODGERS!!!!....even if they are out =(

  3. I LOVE this! I want to do the same! want to go to the same games?? haha I was just a little upset at how much our tickets cost us to go to the dodgers playoffs....$180 to be on the top deck! outrageous, but you are so right about the atmosphere! Its awesome!

    1. Yes! Lets totally go to a game together!! That would be so much fun! Where is a place you guys want to visit?

    2. My husband says any of them! He is a boston fan though! So Fenway is one of our goals!


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