Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Broccoli Soup

Yummy Soup! 

First start cooking the broccoli until it is soft.

Next, Melt half a cube of butter and then mix in a half a cup of flour.

Dice up the broccoli into small pieces and then set aside.

Add milk to the flour and butter mix. Add until it is more liquid and soup like. After, add a cup 1/2 of graded cheese. Then add the broccoli. Then, you are ready to serve! 

So... I have to admit... I ended up burning this batch of soup. This was the first time I burnt my Broccoli soup... such a rough day! It takes quite a while to make this soup and I was really upset that it got burnt. My sweet husband was amazing and still ate the soup. Accept the next time I asked if he wanted me to make Broccoli soup, he said, "No" :) I did appreciate that he was still willing to eat it even though all you could taste was a burnt flavor. Just don't be like me and actually watch your soup closely so that it does not burn!! 

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